This is one of the most common questions that we come across from our clients. 

There are few points I would like to mention if you are as confused as others on your big day. 

Makeup in the earlier days were mainly used in movies with the evolution of technology in the space of movies or cinema making, the requirement for better makeup products which will look good on screens also increased. With heavy lights and high definition cameras the pressure to look better on screen also increased. This led to the makeup industry undergoing research and coming up with High definition (HD) makeup products which were long lasting and gave amazing results.

Parallel to this the videography and photography of weddings and other functions also evolved with time. Brides now want to look their best on their big day. 

What does high definition products (HD) mean ?

Products which are meant for high quality photography and videography where every minute detail is captured from camera lens. These makeup products fare well under these circumstances. These are called high definition (HD) makeup products.

Although these days all makeup artists giving basic makeup also have all HD products with them. In which the application is with the help of brushes and beauty blenders. However, some artists will give you basic makeup excluding the HD products as well, this depends from artist to artist.

Cost of these HD products are high in comparison to basic or other drug store products available in the market.

What is Airbrush makeup ?

Airbrush makeup is a technique of doing makeup with the help of an Airbrush gun or Airbrush machine. I have covered this in detail in my article here.

Mostly everybody opt for Airbrush finish on their big day as the finish is high quality compared to generic or basic makeup. 

In layman language, if I have to give an example, the difference in finish of spray paint vs hand paint is what makes Airbrush and HD makeup different. The finish is superior, high quality and even in Airbrush.

In HD the finish will depend on how well the artist is trained. A good makeup artist will give you a finish which is very similar to airbrush finish.

To conclude, if you don’t have any budget constraints go for Airbrush finish for your big day or you can opt for HD finish.

Some people opt for HD finish on their other functions like sangeet, haldi etc. and Airbrush on wedding day. You can check out Akshita Nambiar Makeup’s Airbrush and HD finishes below.

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