A lot of my clients always come to me with doubts about airbrush makeup. So I thought it will be good to address this through this article.

 Airbrush makeup is a technique of doing makeup with the help of an Airbrush gun or Airbrush machine. 


Airbrush is widely used in other industries as well apart from makeup. It is used by tattoo artists also. 

Airbrush gun/machine used for makeup industry is top feed or gravity feed dual action airbrush machine.

Airbrush machine comprises two components majorly other than the products used.

  1. Airbrush gun
  2. Compressor

These days however with change in technology a small compact and wireless machine has been introduced.

Talking about what it does and how it is different from generic or basic makeup, the difference is in the application. Airbrush finish is superior in terms of makeup because you are balancing air and product together for the application giving it an even finish across. Whereas in general makeup this is not possible.

Is Airbrush makeup finish heavy ?

You can layer as much as you want or as little as you want. It totally depends on the artist or the person who is using the airbrush machine.

Does Airbrush only applies base ?

You can use it to apply base, blush, contour ,eyeshadow  and even make your eyebrows if you are trained so.

You can see Akshita Nambiar Makeup’s Airbrush finishes here:

Take 2-3 different images from here

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